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Pastors Ric & Melissa Lewellen

Pastor Ric regularly speaks at conferences in the US and internationally, has written curriculum for an international Bible school and is currently the Chair of their Bible and Theology Department.  He holds a M.Div. and is a doctoral candidate nearing completion (May 2020).
Pastor Melissa has been active in church ministry since her early teens. She has served in various capacities in local churches (both in lay leadership and pastoral positions) as a teacher, youth leader, choir director, music pastor, and in women’s ministries. She has enjoyed serving as a regional representative for the Potomac Ministry Network’s VIVID Women’s Ministry, and speaking at conferences. She makes annual treks with Ric to speak at an international Pastor’s Conference, where they minister to pastors and church leadership from more than five nations. 
Together, they desire to serve God and honor Him in every aspect of their lives. They desire to see each member of their congregation know Christ on a continually deepening level, and that newcomers and the unchurched will find a safe environment where they can hear the life-changing truth that Jesus Christ cares for them and died for their sin.


9367 Cumberland Road

P.O. Box 335

Springfield, WV 26763


T: 304-822-5759


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