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Pastor JR & Melanie Shuck

Pastor JR Shuck lives in Springfield, WV with his wife, Melanie, and their son, Ranger. JR is an avid golfer and loves fellowshipping with other golfers on the course: he says there is a sermon in every round! Pastor Shuck is on fire for Jesus, enjoys connecting with others, and his desire is to share the love of Jesus - igniting that same fire in the hearts of those he meets. 


As a family-oriented man, JR loves the “at-home” feeling he has when spending time with his church family. His goal as a pastor is to come alongside individuals and families, and help them to thrive in their relationship with Christ, build strong relationships within their family, and to discover their calling in Christ. Pastor JR and Melanie are excited about what God is doing in this community, and for the families living here! 

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